Lilith K. Duat

Author of spicy rockstar romance, tales of monster love and explorer of OmegaVerse. Reviewer of adult films.


Lilith enjoys writing the sort of stories she would like to read.When she's not writing smut, she's reviewing it weekly over at


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Lilith's Library

The latest releases by Lilith K. Duat

Alphas, beta and omegas, oh my!

Silver City Stories
Come inside Silver City. Here anyone can be a star if they have the talent, the drive and the look.

The Mythophilia Series
A romantic, erotic adventure through Greek, Egyptian and Norse pantheons.

Stand Alone Novellas

Lilith K. Duat's Krampus Tales
Have yourself a Kinky Krampus holiday... The Naughty are punished...

Short Stories